Micro learning platform for coaches

Series is a micro learning management system perfect for employee onboarding, coaching, and performance improvement.

Create a series


Avoid content overload on day 1 by sending helpful messages & videos thoughout the employee journey.


Send regular updates sharing tips and reminders on how to be calm and live in the moment.

Security Reminders

Reinforce security concious behavior with regular tips on how to detect phishing and other popular attack methods.

Time to learn

Drive behavior change and truly help people learn by sending short videos and useful messages on a regular basis.

Simply upload video content and messages to Series, set a schedule to send messages on daily intervals or at specific times.

Series will automatically send your drip fed content to the message channel that works best for your student, learner, or employee.

Micro Learning Management System

The Series platform provides all of the tools you need to build, maintain and monitor effective micro learning content.

Multi Channel

Send messages via Slack or SMS to achieve higher open rates and increase engagement.


Easily keep track of progress, video views, reactions, remaining messages to send in a Series.

Remote Friendly

Global timezone support lets you send messages at a specific time of day.

No Downloads

Series works with the messaging apps your learners already use. No downloads or passwords to remember.